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Unocal Commemorates Young Artist

Before his untimely death at age 19, Elchin Akbarov created more than 200 ceramic figurines of folklore characters.

Kind, amusing and touching, these little miniatures, none more than 6 cm high, take on a life of their own as a mirror of the soul of young Elchin, an artist with a gift beyond his years.

Elchin had very little training in art, but undoubtedly was influenced by his grandfather Fuad Abdurrahmanov, who was also a sculptor. According to Elchin's father, his son died under mysterious circumstances while he was a student at the Conservatory of Music.

As a fitting reminder and extension of Elchin's artistry, greeting cards have been made depicting nine scenes of his miniatures. The cards are printed on heavy card stock with a glossy, framed image on the front. The cards may be used for any occasion as there is no text inside. A short description of the young artist is included on the back of each card.

Photo: Elchin Akbarov.

Unocal Khazar got involved when approached by Masrur Gasimov of Lion Graphics.

Unocal Khazar, a subsidiary of Unocal Corporation, is one of the AIOC partner companies in Azerbaijan.
Unocal decided to fund the printing of the cards and then donate them to Rotaract, a club for young people under the sponsorship of Rotary International and the Baku Rotary Club.

Rotary is a worldwide community service organization, and the Baku Premier Rotary and Rotaract clubs are the first such in Azerbaijan.

The Baku Premier Rotary Club was established in May 1999 and has more than 50 members from the business community. Under the sponsorship of these business leaders, more than 30 young people have organized the Rotaract as an extension of the community service concept of Rotary in Baku.

Rotaract Club members are selling the cards to raise funds for projects, such as repairs to local orphanages and donations of clothes and goods. Cards can be purchased through the Rotaract Club in Baku for $1 each. For details, contact Unocal at (99-412) 93-86-24 or 93-85-01.

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