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It's Worth a Visit to Azerbaijan Just for the Art!

In the Azerbaijani language, "az" means "little". Here we also use it as an abbreviation for "Azerbaijan", a small country hugging the shores of the Caspian sea which used to be part of the Soviet Union until its collapse in 1991.

AZgallery was created to introduce Azerbaijan's artists to Art Lovers around the world since not many of them are known internationally. We think they deserve to be.

Unlike many of the art galleries on the WEB, the primary function of AZgallery is not marketing. Rather it is to foster relationships and friendships. If you get a chance, we would encourage you to visit the artists in their studios in Baku.

Also unlike most WEB galleries, AZgallery is free for artists, and AZgallery does not serve as an agent getting commissions for art that is sold. Instead you may contact the artist and work out negotiations directly. Artists speak Azeri or Russian or you may write to us in English (or Azeri or Russian), and we will forward the message to the Artists' Union which in turn will relay your message to the artist as very few of them have their own computers yet.

AZgallery opened in November 1999 with 94 artists and nearly 1,000 samples of art. We have been working to create this Web site for nearly a year and a half since June 1998 by contacting artists, collecting photos, scanning them in Los Angeles and then designing a separate page for each artist. Today AZgallery has more than 170 artists and nearly 4,000 samples of art.

AZgallery was created and is maintained by Azerbaijan International Magazine. We hope to continue building up the WEB site by introducing new artists whom we deem worthy and by adding additional works by artists already present here.

To be considered for AZgallery, artists should bring photo samples of their work to the office of Azerbaijan International Magazine in Baku at 7 Alizade Street. Tel: 498-9353. Alternatively, artists can contact us in Los Angeles where AZgallery is maintained: art@AZgallery.org

We welcome your comments. Let us know if any links are broken or if you have any difficulty with viewing this site.

Welcome to a new world of creative arts! Enjoy!

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