Dear Art Lovers,

We have spent more than a year and a half working on AZgallery and have finally succeeded in creating one of the largest art galleries on the WEB with more than 1,000 samples of art. Therefore, copyright is a very serious matter to us. The entire purpose of this WEB site is to help make Azerbaijani artists known in the international community. You can help us in this endeavor and make it a cooperative effort. Here are some ways:

Personal Web Sites
1. You may link your site to us at <>.

2. If you want to use these images for a personal web site, you may do so but only under the following conditions:

3. First, get permission from AZgallery by sending us an email at <> explaining how you wish to use the image.

4. Do not modify or alter the image in any way.

5. Place the artist's name next to the image so that anyone can directly contact the artist via AZgallery. Under the artist's name, write: "Courtesy AZgallery" and make a clickable link to us at <>.

You may not resell these images or use them for any advertising or commercial purposes. To do so is a violation of Copyright Law.

If you simply take the artwork and copy it to your WEB site without acknowledgement of the artist's name and of AZgallery, it is an infringement of Copyright Law as you are depriving the artist of potential "bread and butter" and depriving AZgallery of the recognition in helping provide a venue to the international world. In other words, it is taking something that isn't yours.

So please join us in the spirit of cooperation and help make this fine work of Azerbaijani artists known throughout the world. But please give credit where credit is due.

Featured Artist

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