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Currently, not many artists in Azerbaijan have their own computers. However, if you would like to contact any artist exhibiting at AZgallery, write us at and we will send the message to Baku, call the artist and pass your message.

AZgallery is not an art agent for Azerbaijani artists. Rather we spend most of our time producing Azerbaijan International magazine. However, we believe these Azerbaijani artists deserve to be known throughout the world. Therefore, we do our best to facilitate direct contact between Azerbaijani artists and art lovers, especially for those who are not living in Baku. This enables all negotiations to be carried out directly between the buyer and seller. There are no middle agents.

For too many years Azerbaijani artists have been isolated under the umbrella of the Soviet Union. Now since 1991 they have the chance to become known throughout the world.

If you write any artist, allow a bit of time for them to respond to you. However, if you do not hear back within a week or so, please drop us a note for them and we will check into it for you.

If you want to comment about any specific work, please designate the number and the artist's name. which you will find on each individual work. You may send your message in English, Azeri or Russian.

If you are located in Baku, we encourage you to contact the artists by phone and visit them in their studios. You'll find home and studio numbers listed on each work as well.

Should you be interested in exploring the possibility of purchasing any works, AZgallery encourages you to deal directly with the artist. Write them and ask if the work is availabale and, if so, at what price. AZgallery has been created as a public service to the artists. We get no commission on any sales.

This process is working. Since 2000 - we have facilitated quite a few sales between Europe, the United States and Azerbaijan and the buyers have been very satisfied with their terrific finds. Typically, after the price is agreed upon, the buyer transfers money directly to the artist's bank account in Baku and then the artist organizes the packing and shipment via UPS. It has worked extremely well so far.

Write us or any of the artists at

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